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Stone Sculptures
Size* Approximate Dimensions Average Weight
Figurine Height Animal Width
A 2 in 2 in 3 oz
B 4 in 3 in 8 oz
C 6 in 4 in 1 lb
D 7 in 5 in 1.75 lbs
E 8 in 6 in 2.75 lbs
F 9 in 7 in 4.24 lbs
G 10 in 8 in 6.75 lbs
* Because the artisan indivdually hand carves each piece from stone, the weight will vary. The dimensions will depend on the type of figure or animal. Some are tall and narrow (e.g. a single person), while others are short and wide (e.g. a hippo). Dimensions given are maximum dimensions.
Pillow Covers
Table Linen

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