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BGroup's specialty is Contemporary African Art & Design that works within any decor - from Metropolitan to Victorian. Art that transcends the traditional.

We import fine African art and design from around the world and work with a collection of American artists and designers in order to bring our clients all across the United States the finest in Contemporary African Art & Design.

Some of the services we provide are:

Art Resource For

BGroup is a source of new and unique international artists and art forms.

We can provide you with artwork on consignment to help you complete an exhibition you are creating, or acquire a unique piece to satisfy a particular client.

BGroup can help you reduce your cost and time to mount new exhibitions by installing exhibitions that we've already packaged, and that are traveling around the country.

We can also provide you with a wide selection of international gift items.

A Client Gallery
Interior & Landscape Designers

BGroup is a source of new and unique international artwork and design pieces. Not only do we have available a collection of pieces in our showroom, but we can also work with you on custom designed textiles (like duvet & pillow covers) and decorative tiles, commissioned artwork, and large garden and foyer/lobby pieces.


BGroup is a source of unique international architectural pieces such as large stone works for lobbies, foyers and landscapes, floor tiles, decorative tiles and mosaics.


BGroup can be your source of a unique collection of international home accessories like hand painted place mats, table cloths, and pillow covers, and gift items.

Companies like Hotels, Restaurants & Spas

BGroup can provide you with a rotating display of art that will help enhance your decor and enrich the experience of visiting your establishment.

A Hotel's Main Stairwell

BGroup has a program that helps nonprofit organizations like yours raise funds, while providing your contributors and clients the experience of the beauty of today's contemporary African art.


BGroup is available for lectures to groups of all levels, ages and sizes. This is a great way to introduce Contemporary African Art to your organization, to supplement your classroom curriculum.

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Corporate Consulting

BGroup can create a custom tailored lobby exhibition program for you. Your exhibition can then travel to other sites, galleries and museums under the sponsorship of your company.

Corporate Image & Public Relations

We offer a full range of art consulting services including:

  • Art Program Management
  • Site Development (lighting, alcoves, site-specific development)
  • Deaccessioning Art
  • Employee and PR Activities (such as lectures, exhibitions, corporate catalogs, tours, education programs and marketing projects)

Collection Development & Acquisitions

BGroup offers it curatorial skills to help you develop, expand and manage your collection.

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Other Consulting Services
Market Monitoring & Searches

BGroup can be your eyes and ears on the art market. When a piece suitable for your collection appears on the market, you will immediately know. If you have a particular item or artist in mind, we can also research the market to find you just what your looking for.


We can appraise your artwork.

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Weddings & Corporate Affairs

We have a unique and beautiful selection of sculptures and vases that make wonderful centerpieces for your affair. All are available for rental.

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Party Favors

Let your party favors reflect more of you. We have a unique selection of hand carved sculptures that will not only fill your gift bags, but the hearts of your guests for many years to come.

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Custom Designs

Let us help you custom design your dream wedding ring or attire.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Attire
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Leasing Programs are available
Automatic Bank Debiting
Automatic Credit Card Debiting
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