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Richard Mteki

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Richard Mteki was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1947. Following in his brother Boira's footsteps, and influenced by his example and success, Richard joined the Workshop School of the Nation Gallery.

Richard Mteki’s most common subject is the human form and his preferred medium is the brown serpentine. His work varies from that which emphasizes a clean, simple form and sharp line to at times a softer more rounded approach. Despite what often appears to be a very simple and economical style, Mteki’s works are invariably expressive of mood and emotion. It is this ability to communicate feelings with which the viewer frequently can empathize which is probably the main reason for the widespread appeal of his work.

"Mteki’s sculptors are generally peaceful. They do not disturb our thoughts of minds and, instead, encourage repose. In many of the heads it is as if a peaceful hand has passed over the brow, shutting the eyes for sleeping. Mteki sculpts with ease and seemingly little effort. The result is easy sculpture, restful, and filled with a gentle spiritual presence. His subjects share their response with the viewer, and leave us refreshed to face life outside art". Celia Winter-Irving, author of "Stone Sculpture in Zimbabwe".

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