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The Tonga style of mask can be found in many parts of the southern region of Africa. In fact, masks made with similar techniques can also be found in Malawi and Zaire. The Tonga people who carved these masks live in the Northern part of Zimbabwe near the Zambezi river.

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Each one of a kind mask is hand carved from various indigenous trees, including the harder and more precious ebony. They are then sanded an polished to create an elegant furniture like finish.

One of the charms of the art form is that the artist presents two works of art integrated into one. The first presentation is the face, the character of the piece. The artists have a way of breathing life into these characters. The expressions on their faces are very strong and life like. The second presentation is the images and scenes of everyday life which are carved into the face. The images tell a story of their background and culture.

When observing a piece, many have said that, "you notice distinct characteristics and expressions each time you look at it. Depending on how you walk up to it, the lighting and your mood, it almost changes. Its like having a friend in the house, one that you learn more and more about every time you interact with him".

These pieces radiate the true spirit of contemporary African art.

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