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Let your wedding & party favors reflect more of you. Our unique selection of hand carved sculptures will not only fill your gift bags, but the hearts of your guests for many years to come.

Hippos, Rhinos & Turtles Hippos
Warthogs & Elephants Warthogs
Lizards & Frogs Climbing Lizard
Lizard on a Rock Lizard on a Rock
Abstract Figure Abstract Figure

Party Favors are Size "A" gift sculptures sold in quantities of 50 or more.

These stone sculptures are made in Zimbabwe, a country in the southern region of the African continent just north of South Africa. The "Shona" tribe has traditionally carved these sculptures. Representing over 80% of the population, the Shona tribe is culturally the most dominate tribe in Zimbabwe.

Stone carving has been a part of the Zimbabwean culture since 1200 AD when Great Zimbabwe, an archeological masterpiece of their early ancestors, was built.

These sculptures are produced from a variety of stones. Serpentine stone, with its considerable range of colors and hardness, is the material most commonly used by artisans. Most serpentine stone used was formed over 2.6 billion years ago. Serpentine stone exists in a diversity of colors including black (the hardest and least common), browns, mauves, greens, and yellows.

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