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The pottery is made in Jamaica. The red terra-cotta clay used to make them comes from Castleton - a little town in the mountains of northeast Jamaica. The clay is mined by hand and carried one bag at a time across a deep river gorge spanned by a narrow footbridge.

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It is washed, purified and partially dried in plaster vats before being wedged into clay balls that are thrown and turned into functional forms (a vase, bowl or jar).

To transform the clay into a work of art, the artist plays with two dimensions. The first being the shape, which can be pulled and molded until it provides a beautiful three-dimensional canvas. The artist then plays with the canvas by painting, carving and etching figures and scenes that express the richness of life on the tropical island of Jamaica.

After firing the piece at 2000 degrees, the pottery is coated with a thin mineral glaze and fired for a final time to seal the surface and the artist's creation.

These pieces are not only art, but they are functional works of art that capture and release the spirit of contemporary African art every time they are used.

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